Features of SIL SFA

Order Booking

Order booking can be used to book orders from the customers. Order's booked can be converted to bill directly from the order.

Customer Billing

Invoice can be generated for customer from the android application. Different options such cash,cheque and credit payment options are available while generating invoice.

Scheme Management

Scheme management can be used to create diffetnt types of schemes such as Individual,combination,overall schemes. It is possible create different schemes such as amount discount, free item using different different types of schemes available.

Navigation Management

Salesman can navigate to the customer's using navigation management.
SIL-SFA Features

Sales Return

Sales return can be used to return the products from the customer which is already sold. There is option to select whether the product is good/bad while returing

Stock Updates

Stock updation option is used to upload balance stock available in vehicle to warehouse.

Inventory Managment

The Inventory Mangement used for adding warehouse, stock items, tax details, item rate. Inventory management can be used to transfer stocks from different warehouses and purchase stock from vendor.

Salesman Navigation & Tracking

Salesman navigation and tracking can be used to track position of Sales Man Based on the bill/ordering time and to view the pathway salesman travelling.

SIL SFA Solutions

SIL - SFA provides you the simplest and effective way for all Business Needs such as Fields Sales , Order Booking, Billing and Payment Collection, Inventory Management, Live Tracking of Orders, Billing, Payment Collection and sales man tracking.

SIL - SFA constitutes of Web Applications, android Applications, Android Mobile or Tablet and a Bluetooth Printer. The master data will be configured in the web applications and is downloaded to the android device.

Back End Web Application The Back end Web Application is to be Installed in the Server. The Application is built on ASP.Net Frame Work. The Application constitutes of an Array of Modules as mentioned in Detail Below. Portal Module Company Management Module Crew Management Module Inventory Management Module Sales Force Automation Module Reports Module The Back End Web Based Software that will be installed in the Domain / Static IP To Receive Transaction Data Online from the Field. To Upload the Transaction Data. To Map Sales Man with the Gps Co-Ordinates Received.

ANDROID Application The Andorid Application is to be Installed in the Android Devices. The Solutions will be Designed to Host in Android Tablets of sale Resolutions.

The various Modules available in the same is as Follows
Sales Billing & Order Booking.
Sales Return
Marketing Intelligence
The APK supports the Following Receive Master Customer, Item Data Online Order Booking at Customer Site Sales Billing at Customer Site based on Customer type Cred/Cash/Cheque billing Order Booking Payment Collection Sales Return based on customer type GPS Navigation Online Data Update Scheme Management Intelligent Scheme Update Black Box Data Memory in Iprint Marvel for Secure Transaction Data Storage. Bill and Receipt Generation by Sending Data to Iprint Marvel Alerts Reception from Central Server Market Intelligence Input. Credit Limit Calculation Landscape and Preprinted Bill Format Sales Return Adjust Inventory Tracking Report Generation Discounts Set Up Management Easy Use Sales Man Tracking Data Upload Marketing Intelligence

CSV, EXCEL Data Integration

SIL SFA contains built in features of exporting various transaction data in CSV, EXCEL format.

Tally Integration

SIL SFA has an optional tally data integration module which will failute the movement of transaction data to tally ERP 9 Gold.

Generic ERP Integration

Staging table model integration is available for integrating transaction data to third party ERP solutions.





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